Gestionarea infrastructurii de apă şi canalizare în contextul diminuării şi epuizării resurselor

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Management of water and sewerage infrastructure in the context of resource reduction and depletion

Technical-Scientific Conference - 27-28.10.2022, Bucharest

Within Regional Water Forum “Danube-Eastern Europe” 2022

We invite you to participate at the Technical-Scientific Conference organized by the Romanian Water Association, in partnership with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and the Technical University of Civil Engineering Bucharest

The events are dedicated to all specialists from Water Sector starting with academia, consultants, designers and equipment manufacturers, water resources managers, water supply and sewerage operators and, last but not least, the general public interested in improving technical performance and management of the Sector.


1. Modern solutions to reduce water loss
2. Energy is an expensive resource, with environmental impact - reducing energy consumption and production of energy from alternative sources
3.Technologies and ways for recovery on by-products resulting from wastewater treatment. Sewage sludge - costs and benefits
4. Urban rainfall - a resource or a stress factor?
5. How close are we to the circular economy? Successful solutions.